Oscar Time! Part 6

8:53pm Aw Hugh. Dreamy. omg Beyonce. Surprise!  I love musicals. Mama Mia! Zac Efron!! That's it, that is what more a woman could ask for. 

8:58pm Okay, by far my favorite part of the show so far!!

Alright, I had to temporarily pause my viewing because my neighbors house may or may not be on fire. No emergency, they are just outside and I can see fireman axing down walls on the inside. Hmm.. I'll catch up!

Supporting Actor time, whoop whoop. aka the Heath Ledger award. 

Kevin Kline, way to rep the StL! 

why is P S Hofman wearing a ski cap? Weird. 

Josh Brolin=gorgeous. 

Cuba Gooding Jr. is so funny. I could listen to him talk all day long. He probably has one of the best acceptance speeches ever at the Oscars. They should let him host next year!

And the Oscar goes to Heath, duh. This would have been the dreamiest awards show ever if he was there. Every man I love in Hollywood- Jackman, Craig, Efron, Franco, and my all time crush Heath Ledger. 

Aw look at everyone tearing up. This is so sad. Even the stone cold Angelina has a soul. Who woulda thought?

Montage time! I was thinking this montage was really boring until she cursed. Then it was amusing. 

Wish I watched more documentaries... but I don't. 

Wire-walking guy= hilarious. Haha. 

Ugh. I am fast forwarding, but I don't know if I can catch up! I am fast forwarding thru a montage that has Daniel Craig clips. You have no idea how much that hurt. 

Ok, back on track. 

9:27pm Love me some Will Smith. 

9:28pm Duh, Button wins. 

9:30pm So glad The Dark Knight got some recognition, especially over Slumdog. why is it these technical guys always have really prepared, eloquent speeches and the actors don't?

9:33pm Well, except these guys. They are surprised? Slumdog was predicted to sweep this thing. 

9:35pm Yeah, love Will and all, but where is Hugh?!

9:37pm more Slumdog. Basically we have learned that Danny Boyle inspires everyone

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