Anybody watch Treme yet?

I cuaght the first episode last night and was pretty happy with it. Did it blow me away in the first episode like some other series' have? No, not quite. But it was pretty solid.

Oh, and this just in: The folks at HBO liked it so much, they already ordered a second season. Nice.

My favorite things about Treme (so far):
It is in New Orleans. And I love NOLA. I'm not native, but I fel like this show is really highlighting the city and not taking advantage of it. I feel like it really shows the culture, the music, the food, the people...

John Goodman. St. Louis boy in a show about my second favorite city. Win.

Steve Zahn. He is great in everything, but I especially love him as the pot smoking, rap blaring, DJ/musician Davis in Treme.

This line:
Davis: You tell me all you wanna do is get high, play trumpet and barbecue in New Orleans your whole life?
Kermit: That'll work.

Oh, and this one:
Davis: You can't throw me out. I'm your boyfriend. Kind of. Maybe not on a consistent basis. But I'm a friend... with benefits. You find me charming.

The theme song. It was stuck in my head all night. And I'm not complaining...

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