Two hours? Really?

Last night's Brothers and Sisters was two. hours. long.


Was it necessary, not at all.

The whole bit about flashing back to the 80s, finding out what Dennis York had on Nora, why she needed all the kids to seel their shares.... that was great.

Justin and Rebecca getting hitched? Whatever this Narrow Lake business is? Kitty being in remission? All that was sort of a waste. I feel like the Ojai shares' selling was a big enough issue for its own episode... instead of sharing it with these other bits.

Plus, I'm sorry, I'm still confused about Narrow Lake. And didn't Nora sell her shares, so why does it even matter?

I like(d) Brothers and Sisters, but I'm getting sick of it. And with Kitty and Robert spending less time around next season and Luc spending more time.... I think it will only get worse.

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