Newbies: Hawaii Five-0 and The Event

I'll be honest here... I haven't started watching a new show in a while. It seems like there was that one big year when I picked up Desperate Housewives, Brothers and Sisters, Lost, Grey's Anatomy.... but since then it has just been a series here or there.

But now that my beloved Lost is over and others may be should be meeting the same fate soon (cough, cough, Brothers and Sisters), I decided it was high time I check out some new shows and find some new favorite.

Monday it was reboot Hawaii Five-0 and mystery/thriller/Lost-replacement The Event. 

Hawaii Five-0: (Is it an O like 'oh' or 0 like zero? Hmmm). I've never seen the original (I like to think I'm too young for that), but who doesn't know the theme song? Am I right? Anyway, the show was good. A lot of shooting, but whatever. I was actually not at all looking forward to another cop show (CSI, NCIS, Cold Case, Criminal Minds, Law and Order, Bones, snooooooze.), but this one I can handle. Beaches, Alex O'Loughlin, Scott Caan, story lines that seem like they are bigger that just one episode (who else thinks they may not find that guys body? eh?). Plus Lost alum Daniel Day Kim is in it! I have to watch!

The Event: I've been seeing these ads for months and getting excited.... I loved Lost, love Fringe, even had a potential love interest in Flashforward, and I'm so ready to add another big mystery to my must-watch list. The Event did not disappoint. Even though I had read up on it before and knew Ritter's girlfriend was going to get kidnapped, there were still a lot of unexpected moments.... Not like Lost unexpected where your reaction is 'WTF is going on', but like twists and turns that make sense once they happen and you piece everything together. Ok wait, there was one WTF moment at the very end...

Sorry, that was elusive and confusing.... but I don't want to spoil anything for people who still want to watch! Just trust me, okay?

The Verdict(s): I started off not clicking the 'record series' option.... but I'm changing that. I'll watch at least a few more episodes until I decide if they are 'obsessed' worthy, but I have a feeling they will be. 

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