A Letter to Mark, Part 2

Dear Mark,

Okay, Quinn is alive. Thanks for that. Now bring Clay back too.

Why does he have to die? I know you think you introduced too many characters last year, but think of all we've already lost - Peyton, Lucas, Deb, Dan, Karen, her husband, Lily and whatever the spawn of Leyton's name is, Grubbs (I assume his tour in London will keep him away awhile. Bummer because I really really liked him), Owen (no way he is coming back from True Blood), Miss Lauren, that British chick, Alexander....

Do we really have to lose Clay?

Here are other ways you could lose characters:
Send Brooke's mom and/or Milli to jail. 
They screwed up. Send them to prison. Brooke's mom is annoying and her character is going no where. Just when you think she is reformed and nice, the next episode she is back to her evil ways. WTF. And Milli? She's boring now. And she isn't with Mouth anymore. So what's the point. Send them away.

Send Skills back to LA
I know this sucks because I LOVE Skills, but he is underused anyway. Has he even been on it this season?!

Send Mia on tour
Is she like a regular now? Annoying. Kate Vogele, go be a singer. Drop in Tree Hill once or twice a season for a concert, a la Tyler Hilton. The Mia/Chase/Alex love triangle is made up of secondary characters that don't matter. Stop wasting my time, Mark. Get rid of her.

So there you have it. Clay is important. Keep him around. PLEASE.
Look at them running. They are best buddies. Keep Clay around for Nathan's sake, would ya?

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