Better Than Expected: Dancing with the Stars

I watch a lot of TV, I know, but Dancing with the Stars may be on of my guiltiest pleasures. I don't know why, but this show just draws me back season after season (except last season, when I didn't watch at all, oops).

As if just watching the show isn't enough, I take notes. Not joking. I grab the nearest pen and scratch paper and write down the best performances, the worst performances, and anything and everything Tom says that makes me laugh.

Here are some thoughts from last night's premiere:

Spotted in the audience: Past DWTS contestant (and winner, right?) Evan Lyasek; Weddy Williams (?); The Situation's sister, cheering him on; Jamie Lee Curtis (?); Ray J, cheering on sis Brandy; and Elisha Dushku, cheering on boyfriend Rick Fox (yes, really. I looked it up.)

Everyone was actually a lot better than I expected (especially Audrina, Margarat Cho, and disney channel guy). I feel like this was the highest level performance I've seen in a premiere episode. No one  is hopeless (except maybe Bristol, Michael Bolton and Florence, who, IMHO, I think were the worst of the bunch).... There's a lot of potential there.

That being said, who do I think is going home? I think it will be Bristol. Yes, she has pretty brown hair and good legs, but she was bad. And she has just about zero personality.
Best live moment of the night:
Cariann says to Florence, "Some things get better with age..." and the camera cuts to Jamie Lee Curtis. 

LOL, indeed.

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