Cutthroat Update... a little late.

1. My apologies for taking so long on a post about Cutthroat.... whoopsie daisy.

2. Laurel in the gulag?! Are you freakin' kidding me?! I'm not even joking... my heart was racing, my palms were sweating, I was freaking out (I know, it isn't healthy to be this invested in a television show... whatever). Anyway, thank god she won. Here is what I have to say to her team...
Sarah- good job. You're normal.
Cara Maria- You don't really suck that bad, you're just not as good as Sarah and Laurel. Sorry, Charlie. Stop being mushy with Abe and get ready to go in the gulag if your team loses again.
Abe- You're dumb. And weird. And seriously are crazy to throw Laurel in just to keep your little snuggle buddy around. And don't say it's on performance when you admit that you are keeping Cara around because she's cute. Pshhh.
Luc- Ah, Luc. Buck up, kid. Stop doing what Abe tells you to do and think for yourself. (Although, you had a good point in saying Laurel should go in because she is the one who can for sure beat the other team's players.... you should have ran with that.)

3. I'm sad Dan went home. I like him (sober).

4. Camila... I don't care. Seriously, why is she such a victim? I don't really think she rocks it in any challenges. She's good.... but most the girls left are too. Jen and Johnny and Derick coming to her defense is stupid. If she was on their team, they would be sending her in too. Why? Becasue she sucks? No. Becasue she is flirting/conspiring with the other team? No. I'll tell you why.... because she is a rookie. No matter how good you are... these people have known each other for years. They have been competing trying to win this money for years. You... haven't. You're out.

5. That's CT and Tina they keep showing in the previews right? Where will they go?

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