Camilla the Outcast

I haven't blogged about the new RW/RR Challenge once this season, so it seems kind of funny to be jumping in right now when we're already a few episodes in, but whatever. Today, I saw this post on MTV's Remote Control blog about Camilla making herself an outcast by befriending Johnny.
If you want to gain your teammates' trust on "The Challenge: Cutthroat," then it's probably a good idea not to become besties with character-killing competitors like Johnny Bananas. Somehow, Camila missed that part, cuz she's been hanging out with JB even though her entire team is against it. Paula even explained to her that her "friendship" with him was the precise reason she was voted into the Gulag, but she just didn't seem to get it. Even though Camila defeated Katie in the Gulag and returned to her team, has she done enough to earn their trust, or is it too late? 
Ok, I get it. Johnny plays dirty. He has totally burned bridges with a bunch of people on the red team, most notably (in my opinion) Paula. So it makes sense that Miss Walnuts herself would be warning Camilla against spending so much time with him, right? Sure.

But this is just a ridiculous excuse. What girls are left on the red team besides Camilla? Tori, Paula and Melinda. All vets. All vets who seem to get along really well. None of them are crazy. None of them pick fights or get really drunk, they are (gasp!) normal. And they're pretty good competitors too. The reality is that none of those girls want to go in the Gulag. None of those girls want to vote each other in. So why not keep sending in little ole Camilla (who, for the record, wasn't even on Real World or Road Rules or even Fresh Meat. She is from the stupid Spring Break Challenge. Lame).

I'm not saying she should go in or she shouldn't. I'm just saying that all this Bananas bull is just an excuse.

And in other news.... What was up with Ty? I seriously think that he faked a mysterious injury because he was afraid he'd lose to Brandon. Ty is real nice to look at, but think about it- he has pretty much underperformed in every challenge so far. As much as he thinks he is the 'most athletic one on the team' (his words, not mine), he really is the weak link (maybe even weaker than my beloved Big Easy who went home last week? Sigh). PLUS, just the day before at the challenge, Ty saw Chet say he had a headache and felt weak and couldn't see straight... and they stuck an IV in him and rushed him to the hospital. Why wouldn't Mr. Ty think he could just say, 'I can't move,' 'I need to lay down' bla bla bla and people would think there was actually something wrong with him. Instead of facing his competition, maybe losing with some dignity, he gave up. Now he can always say, 'I never lost in a one on one challenge, I was hurt and couldn't perform.' Bull with a capital S.

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