Here'sssss Conan.

Conan's new late night talk show, apply titled 'Conan' (so it will be harder to replace him, LOL) premiered last night on TBS. And while it wasn't the funniest thing I've ever seen, I think the critics are being a bit harsh.

I agree- he looked tired, a bit frazzled at times, there wasn't really anything new or inventive...

But come on! I would be tired too if I had worked for months to get to this day. I would be frazzled too if I was in a new studio, in front of a live audience, for the first time after so much build up, hype and anticipation. And I would argue that who needs new or inventive? We all loved Conan the way he was before.... why fix what isn't broke?

And let's be real here folks- the show is only as good as its guests. When Seth Rogen was on, I didn't really care. But as soon as Lea Michele sat down with her perfect hair, I was glued to the screen. And I usually tune out the musical guests, so kudos to Conan for doing something cool and actually playing with Jack White! I hope he does this more in the future...

My only real gripe is that I hope Conan can get over the NBC jokes. Throwing it out here and there is fine, but practically every joke last night went back to him being fired. Granted, it was his first show and so commenting on the happenings of the last few months is relevant, but I hope that he gets over it.

Bottom line: Conan needs is some great guests, less NBC jabs, and for the critics to cut him some slack. 

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shep said...

I thought it was great.

I don't think he looked tired at all. I think he was back to his old self-deprecating ways. Everything about it (good or bad) was classic Conan.

The only part of the show that felt a bit awkward to me is when he would approach the audience (something he could not do on either of his previous shows), but even that had a bit of meaning behind it. The two girls he kept involving had stood in line since Saturday to get tickets. Other than that, Seth Rogen's laugh was the only other awkwardness in the show.

I'm glad Coco is back on the air and I will continue to watch him.


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