The Final Challenge

Let's just get right to it.... How do I feel about Red team winning?


I didn't want them to win based on how they played the game towards the end (regarding Brandon and Paula), but that little montage of Brad's past challenge days made me happy he came out with a win. Call me sentimental, whatever. It did, however, make me wish Paula was there with him in the end though. After 7 Challenges, that girl deserves a win.

And the losers.....

Gray. Ah, what a clusterf&#k. How do you go into a final with the MOST players (5) and end with 3? Seriously, has that ever happened? Losing one person in a final is bad enough, but two? Ridiculous. I wish that TJ ould have told them they were DQed because they lost a player. That is how it was when Eric was taken away on Gauntlet III. Other than that, I'm disappointed in Sarah. She made it to the final on The Ruins with just KellyAnne and competed so so well... and here, well, she sucked. As for Abe? Ugh, I just hope this is his last challenge. He is so annoying.

Oh, and I feel bad for Laurel. I know a lot of people don't like her, but I do. And coming in second twice in a row sucks. I hope she wins soon.

And Blue. What a fight. I could have watched the Jen and Emily show for the whole hour. I wished D would have been there with them.... Maybe then they would have had a chance at winning. Either way, both Jen and Emily have established themselves as strong players (I always worried Jen was more bark than bite....) and hopefully they'll be back on another challenge soon.

Speaking of.... when is the next one?! I'm so ready.

And a quick side note..... Why bring in CT and Tina for one Gulag? I wish they would ahve been incorporated into the show more. Maybe they should do a season American Gladiators style, where the contestants have to compete against 'heavy hitters' like Tina and CT in order to win. Hmmmm.... MTV, hear me?

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