(Im)Perfect Couples

Last night, after watching the finale of the Sing Off (what did you think?!), I caught a preview of Perfect Couples.

And it was.... eh.

It has good people in it.... Olivia Munn, girl from It's Always Sunny, the guy from Worst Week, Janice from FlashForward (who, sorry I only see as a lesbian CIA agent/traitor)... but something about it was off.

Maybe because it was a preview, but it moved really fast and jumped around a lot. It was sort of jarring to watch.

Maybe it was because the humor is more fitting for a zany comedy (a la 30 Rock) or a cable comedy (a la My Boys or It's Always Sunny). I was expecting more sitcom humor, so it may have just caught me off guard.

And then this morning, I read Ken Tucker's review on EW.com and totally agree with this comment of his:
"The show is cast with good performers, including Olivia Munn (The Daily Show, Attack of the Show) as Leigh, Mary Elizabeth Ellis — “The Waitress” on It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia — as Amy, and Kyle Bornheimer (Worst Week) as Dave. But the abrupt scenes, titled sequences (“Stepping In It”), and tiresome repetition (we get it, we get it: they all want more sex) all work against any kind of welcoming comic rhythm."
Agreed, Ken.

By the way, when I googled 'Perfect Couples' looking for images from the show, one of the first results was a picture of Cory and Topanga. Boy Meets World for the win!

Also by the way.... in most the google pictures I found, Kyle Howard was showed in the cast in place of Worst Week's Kyle Bornheimer. Weird. See...

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