Cutthroat: A Day Late

Some thoughts on Cutthroat.... a day late, as usual. 

1. Laurel and Sara, good thing you didn't throw the challenge you dumbies. Did it not occur to you that if you underperformed in order to lose, you would look weak and they would vote you in the Gulag? And even if you are awesome, Luc-Abe-Cara Maria are all voting the same so it would be 3-2. YOU would be going into the Gulag. NOT Cara Maria. 

I'm interested to see what happens if they throw the next challenge. Would Abe vote in Cara Maria now that it is getting down to the end and he's seen how good Laurel is? And who would they vote in for the guys? Luc because he is weaker? Or Abe because he has a better chance at winning? As much as I get their plan to trim the fat and make a smaller team, having two guys in the finale as opposed to just one seems like a way better plan. 

2. I hated that challenge. I would not have been able to handle it. Then again, I couldn't really handle any of the challenges....

3. CT and Tina? Interesting twist. I feel like that could have/should have been the Gulag the entire time. However, I do have some issues with this.... These are past competitors that may or may not have beef with some of the current competitors, so what's stopping them from rigging the game? Example, CT doesn't like Johnny so he tries really hard to slow him down. CT does like Tyler so he cuts him some slack. I'm not saying that is what's happening, but it could, right? Or how fair is it that now Tori gets to go against Tina when she is worn out from dragging Teresa around? I get that they flipped a coin and picked the order, but still.... kind of defeats the whole fair fight aspect. 

4. And is it juts me, or did Teresa do a little too well against 'heavy hitter' Tina? Teresa is teeny tiny. I feel like Tina could have done better. 

5. Tori, ah Tori. I hate you right now. I didn't before, but I do now. 

I get it. The final is usually running. And you can't run. If you leave, your hubby has a better shot at winning. This all makes sense. But here's what doesn't....

Why the hell did you come on the challenge AT ALL if you knew the finale was running and you were going to quit at the end? Why the hell would you go through kicking of Camila or even Melinda or Mandi? What if they COULD run and could have helped your hubby win the final? And did you think at all about Paula? If you go home tonight and red loses the last challenge (very likely), Paula has to go into the Gulag and might lose. And you're all like 'Paula, I want you to win the money.' She can't win if she's at home, idiot. If you are going to 'sacrifice yourself', why not wait until the last challenge before the final instead of putting your teammates at risk? 

You know why this doesn't make sense? Because it is all a lie. Tori did not come up with this stupid excuse because it was bets for the team, she's doing it because it is best for her.... she is afraid she is going to lose against Teresa (and now, Tina) so this is just a rather convenient excuse. 'Oh, she only beat me because I wasn't try as hard because I wanted to go home' or 'because my heart wasn't in it' or maybe she won't even compete at all and just give up (wouldn't TJ love that!). This is ridiculous. I can't decide if this 'giving up' strategy is better or worse than Ty's

6. Oh, but how cute was Brad? 'I'm your husband and I love you.' Swoon

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