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Gretchen wins!

Am I surprised? Yes. Mondo had been dominating the challenges towards the end, and I really do think he has a unique point of view that carries thru in his designs. Even if I wouldn't wear a lot of his stuff, I appreciate what he's doing. His stuff isn't neessarily ready to wear.... but it's fashion. I really thought the judges would appreciate that (well, technically Heidi and guest judge Jessica Simpson did, but I guess Nina and Michael either rule them out or persuaded them.....).

Am I sad? No. As much as I wanted Mondo to win, I would seriously like to pluck a piece from nearly every one of Gretchen's looks for myself. Those jackets. Those tops. Those necklaces. I just like her style. (Check out some of my favorite looks from Gretchen on Another Blog From Danielle.)

I've watched Project Runway on and off the last couple years, but this is probably the first time I watched a season all the way through (thanks DVR!). I can honestly say that I expect big things from Gretchen and can't wait to buy some of her stuff.... Hear that Macy's?

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