The Best, the Worst, and Who that Leaves. DWTS Week 3.

I'll admit, as sad as I am that the Hoff and Michael Bolton were complete Dancing failures (I was hoping one of them would take on the suave older man role...), this season is shaping out to be pretty darn good.

My Best:
There are quite a few surprises for me this season. I really didn't think Audrina or Brandy would be good... boy was I wrong! They just seem so awkward and lanky, but they are doing really well! Oh, but Audrina- eat something. Her arms in the practice footage were making me sick.

The men of the season are the ones winning me over though. Rick, Kurt, Kyle, you boys are fabulous. Seriously.

Oh and of course Jennifer Grey is good. She was in Dirty Dancing for goodness sake.

My Worst:
Bristol and The Situation. These are arguably the most hyped contestants, so I doubt they will actually go home (which sucks for the next two people I mention....). But seriously, they are bad dancers. Mike is pigeon-toed. And it is painful to watch. Although, I give him credit for trying so hard. I love Jersey Shore and I love The Situation. But Bristol? She is boring, on and off the dance floor, and she's a bad dancer. If I had my way, she'd be going home.

And who that leaves:
Florence and Margaret Cho, both of which aren't good.... but they aren't bad either! I'm worried for Margaret because she is at the bottom of the scoreboard and probably doesn't have a huge fan base, but I really hope she stays! I don't think her dancing is deserving of such a low score! And I can see her improving, growing as a dancer.... as opposed to practically everyone else who is already really good. Oh, and can ballroom dancers not have tattoos? Why do they make Margaret cover hers up?

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