Rotten Eggs!

Spoilers. Rotten eggs spoil. Get it? Get it?

As if it isn’t bad enough that I can’t watch Lost on Thursdays like everyone else (I just now caught last week’s), I’m hearing that this week will be a doozey! Cynthia Watros (aka Libby) and Harold Perrineau (aka “Where’s my boy” Michael) return, and according to Sun herself, this week is when we find out who the other Oceanic Six members are.  Also hearing rumors of a funeral…

One Tree Hill

I know a lot of rumors are going around as to the fate of the Peyton-Lucas-Lindsey triangle, but it isn’t looking good for all the Peyton lovers out there. Although Lucas and Lindsey hit a snag, rumor is his feelings for her go deeper than we (Peyton lovers, at least) hoped. Interesting twist though- I hear that Brooke is the one urging Peyton to stop the wedding. What’s scarier than a Peyton-Lindsey showdown? Dan making his way to the church and nanny Carrie deciding Jamie is better off with her…uh oh spaghetti-oh.

Gossip Girl

When we left of beloved Upper East siders, Blair was at the bottom of the social ladder, and I hear she will be climbing her way back up. But first, she is ditched by five former friends for a little din-din outing. Any guesses on who the five are? Gossip Girl is returning to the CW on April 21st.


The new season of Greek starts on March 24th on ABC Family. Casey and the other ZBZ girls are still feeling the drama of the Jen K crisis. Even better? They have a consultant from their nationals ‘helping’ them through the transition. And as if it wasn’t stressful enough being president of the sorority that ‘ruined’ greek life, Casey has Rebecca and Frannie to deal with still. But what about the relationships? Rebecca and Cappie? Casey and Evan? Rusty and Jen K? I'm dying to see...

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