<3 OTH love <3

I hereby declare One Tree Hill the runaway hit of the season. True, it is not their first season, but this is most definitely one of the best they have ever had. Love all the returning cast members- Rachel, Chase, Beven, Tim, Dan, Karen and perhaps even Andy (hmm)... Love all the drama- weddings, kidnappings, drownings, divorces, parole hearings... Love the music- Lupe and Gavin all in one episode? Thank you. Hands down- this season is frikkin' amazing! 

Big shockers of the night-
-they released Dan from jail. Not really shocking, but darnit, keep him locked away
-Beven and Tim and their baby Nathan- whoa!
-Chase coming back
-Brooke's reaction to Chase coming back. Who should she go for- Ste-phen from Laguna or hot bartender? Decisions, decisions. 
-playing Lupe's new single "Superstar." I would have guessed they would play something less popular
-Haley's divorce announcement. No, don't give up!
-Skills' parenting... er, skills
-Haley calling Lucas to tell him not to marry the girl she is serving as maid of honor
-Lindsey's huge head. Did anyone notice how awkwardly large her head looked when she was laying next to Lucas? I did. 
-Jamie being adorable. Oh wait- not a shock at all. I love that kid!

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