No singing at this high school.

I just caught the premiere of High School Confidential on We TV, and wow, what a show! No, it is no Lost or Gauntlet, but the undertaking of making this 8-part documentary is unbelievable. Sharon Liese, the show's creator, followed 12 girls throughout their four years in high school, so basically you get the whole picture. 

Tonight's episode followed Cappie (the party girl who turns it around, sort of) and Lauren (diagnosed with a brain tumor). This is what is so astonishing. Lauren did not get the tumor until her senior year, so basically they were filming her that whole time and then- bam- her story becomes 'fascinating.' It just goes to show that everyone out there has a story worth telling. 

Also cool? They film at Northwest High School in Kansas, and I love seeing my beloved Midwest on mainstream TV.  (Oh and fun fact- Liese's daughter actually went to the same high school as these girls and graduated in their class. Weird.) Plus, their high school is similar in size to mine. It is fun watching thinking, "Who would I have been? What would people have said about my high school experience?"

Also funny? Cappie (the party girl) says at one point something along the lines of "I don't really have good grades... I'm not going to get a scholarship or anything... so I'll probably just go to KU." Sorry, but being a loyal Tiger, I just had to throw that in. 

Seriously though, if you have any respect for documentaries, or any experience editing video you want to check this out. If you think it is tough editing material into a 3 minute TV package, try taking four years worth of material and making it 30 minutes. Yikes. 

High School Confidential
Mondays 10/9 central

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