Man, her lip gloss is POPPIN' tonight.

I am a sucker for this show. The judges are annoying. The host's pants are too tight. But the dancing is great. I will put up with all that other stuff just to watch the three minute dance routines. 

And it is getting down to the wire. Last week, BreakSk8, the roller skating guys from Indiana, the only team still repping the Midwest (woot, woot), got voted off. Bummer. Check out their seriously sick 'Beat It' routine from the week before. 

Sweet headstand. It is true though, compared to the final three teams left, BreakSk8 just isn't as strong. Farewell my friends. You have repped the Midwest, and roller skaters everywhere well. 

So who's left? We got Kaba Modern, the Asian group with the only three girls left in the competition; JabbaWockeez, the guys with the masks, gloves, and ticking; and Status Quo, the real hip hoppers and my pick to win it all. These guys just look like they are having fun out there. And in the sprit of togetherness, last week the final four teams started the show off with an adorable little dance to Annie's 'Hard Knock Life'. This makes me happy.

Check out this recap show below. I don't think you need to watch the whole thing though, just the intro dance and then Status quo, who is the first team to perform. 

Who do you think should be named 'America's Best Dance Crew'? Comment below...

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