What I'd like to see from 'Go On'

More Terrell Owens

Less Piper Perabo (and by less I mean none)

Someone to graduate.... for real this time. Let's make it Piper Perabo. And let's make it her idea. Break up with the group and break up with Ryan at the same time, to go travel the world or something.

A new group member. Maybe a guy similar to Ryan, who lost his wife, too. It would give Ryan a chance to see how far he's come, and help someone similar through it.

One more appearance by ghost Janie, just to tell Ryan she won't be visiting him anymore.

More John Cho and Carrie.

More Ryan and Anne interactions outside of group.

More back stories on the other group members. Some of my favorite episodes have been the ones where we've gotten to know Mr. K better. Danny. Owen. I want that to happen with every group member and expand upon the stories we've already learned.

More Sonia and Danny.

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