Monday Mornings rips off Grey's Anatomy

Am I the ONLY one who is outraged at this Monday Mornings trailer? Why (why!) would a show that is already being compared to Grey's Anatomy (just becuase it's another medical drama) use one of the biggest, baddest, best Grey's references in its trailer?

If you're a Grey's fan - or even caught ANY of the first season - you know that George was nicknamed 007 by his fellow interns after 'killing' a patient. License to kill. Same reference made here in this godawful trailer for Monday Mornings.

That similarity alone would be bad enough - but the 007 moniker came up again when (spoiler alert?) George died in the fifth season finale and just before surgery, 'told' Meredith that it was him by writing '007' on her hand. That moment (in the clip below) still gives me goosebumps. It was (IMHO) one of the defining moments of the series. It had be ugly crying for the rest of the episode and depressed at the bar when I went out afterward (what? It was a Thursday and I was in college). See the clip below -

You're telling me that not a single writer, producer, editor, actor, craft services person on Monday Mornings knew this reference? I find that very hard to believe.

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