Are you watching 'The Following'?

I'm really love The Following on Fox.

I will say, if The Following were on cable, it wouldn't be that impressive. I think it is up to par (in terms of both story and violence) with shows like JustifiedDexter, and now possibly The Americans. But I applaud network TV to take this kind of step. To intrigue an audience in this way. Not treat us like we want reality TV or easily digestible drama or simple 'myths'. I haven't seen network TV do something like this since Lost. (And in fact, my sister, a fellow Lostie, said that this might be the first show she's watched since Lost that captivated her in the same way. I would slightly disagree, however - as my attention has been on Game of Thrones and Boardwalk and heck, sadly even Pretty Little Liars) - but I do think The Following has quickly moved on to my 'favorites' list.

And with this week's plethora of flashbacks, the show is reminding more and more of Lost - a show driven by characters, rather than plot. (Love it or hate it.) I was so worried that the show would become a 'crime of the week' series, much like many other promising shows have showed signs of (Fringe, Elementary, Dexter), but with the introduction of / emphasis on the other cult members, it's clear that we'll have enough back story to explore to at least last a season.

I do have to say, however, RIP and shame on you The Following for [SPOILER ALERT] killing off Agent Reilly! Same actor was killed off Dexter - for the sake of a strong plot line, I will add - after barely a season. Poor guy can't catch a break.

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