Christina Applegate leaving. Is this the end for 'Up All Night'?

Son of a b!-%$#.

I really, really like Up All Night, but I fear the show is doomed. There have been so many changes - getting rid of the Ava Show at the beginning of this current season and the plan to move to a multi-camera/live audience format later this season - the show is going to be unrecognizable if/when it returns. And now, it looses it's star? EW reported that they are courting Lisa Kudrow, but for what role? The new Reagan? Just replacing her like on a soap opera? That seems ridiculous. Will they kill off Reagan or something? Also seems ridiculous for a show like this.

Honestly - Can Up All Night survive this? And even if it does - is it worth saving? The 'new' Up All Night would be a completely different show!

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