The New 'Up All Night'

Inspired by reading this post on TVGuide.com....

TVguide thinks Up All Night sans 'Ava Show' cuts back on all the over-the-top antics and scenarios and brings the characters back down to earth. But honestly, as much as I agree with that - I also miss the workplace drama.

The reality in being a new parent - and in life in general - is that it isn't JUST your homelife with your friends and family. We spend 40+ hours at work every week. And when we get home from work, we're either stressed out from it or spend time talking about it with our significant others, friends, family, roommates, etc. Work is a HUGE part of life. And most TV shows ignore it.

They have one 'work drama' episode each season. Or they show characters in suits to imply that they are employed. Or they have a mention of work here and there. The only show I can think of that offers balance between working and living is 2 Broke Girls or a drama like Justified. (Can you think of others?)

I'm not saying Up All Night's first season was perfect. But yes, I miss Reagan having a part of her life that is NOT Chris and Amy. This season, it seems like the couple has infinite time to spend together and with their kid. When are they working?

I'm hoping to see...
- more of Chris and Reagan's brother's business (LOVE him by the way! Great addition to the cast!)
- Reagan have more conflicts as to how to be a stay-at-home mom, and feel the urge to get back to work. Maybe she starts blogging or opens an Etsy shop or something. She seems too ansty and ambitious to not channel that somehow.
- Ava get some direction in her life. Forget Missy, Ava is the real casualty here from the show's cancellation. I don't like her living episode to episode, hoarding and then dating and then finding old friends.

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