'Revolution' should focus on the past; better acting

Yes, I've been watching Revolution. I feel like all my other weird-TV-show friends have hoped off the bandwagon, but I'm not ready to yet. (And let's face it, I probably won't. I watched Flashforward and The Event til the end, didn't I?)

Revolution isn't so bad, but there are some major fixes that need to occur for me to keep watching to enjoy watching more. 

1. Let's focus on those flashbacks. The past few episodes, I've been most intrigued by how this world, and these characters came to be. Monroe was 'family' to Miles, willing to trek across the country with him? It was Miles that realized they could be the law in a lawless land.... but to help people, not hurt them? Capt Neville told his son (his son!!) never to punch people... until the blackout when he went at it with a thieving neighbor, unleashing his inner badass? That stuff is awesome. I want more about the evolution (see what I did there?!). I want to know how this world came to be and what happened to our government and these families and the cities. I want to know it all. 

2. My least favorite people on the show are Miles and Charley - the two main characters. Uh.... that's a problem. I'm bored with them. And they are bad actors. (Which, by the way, was blatantly clear when Miles had to interact with Neville, the amazing Giancarlo Esposito.) I'm okay with Neville/Danny, the Google guy, heck even Elizabeth Mitchell (I think she's a bad actress too, but her storyline is intriguing at least). But the two main characters annoy the hell out of me. 

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