Community, airing Oct 19th - er, someday.

Hi. Let's talk for a minute about how absolutely brilliant Community is. Take this video, for example -

Community was supposed to premiere last night, Friday, October 19th. But NBC pushed back its premiere date. Which is lame. (And, also smart, because I was watching the Cardinals game anyway.) But Community isn't just going to sit back and not say anything about it. And they're not just going to be polite about it. Oh, and they are going to be not quiet and not polite about it on NBC's own website. BRILLIANT, I say.

Best digs-
"We don't for it for them, we do it for the fans."
"Even though the powers that be agreed to out the premiere on October 19th, they couldn't decide where to put October 19th."
"Annie's Boobs wanted her own show!" Referring to the monkey named 'Annie's Boobs', which, in turn, is referring to the ridiculous show with a better time slot and more network support, Animal Practice.

And Best YouTube comment goes to 'NBC Britta'ed October 19th!' ha.

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