Pilot Review: 'Selfie' on ABC

Caught the pilot of ABC's Selfie on demand this week... and poor, poor John Cho.

First off, the lead is so unlikeable. I understand she is supposed to be narcissistic and social-media obsessed. But that doesn't mean she has to be... dumb. It feels like someone gave the Jack In The Box intern a half-hour show.

This is a girl that was the top sales rep for her her (clearly successful) company. Does she have to wear fur vests to work and use 'omg, lol, hashtag, whatev' in normal speech? Does she have to wear sunglasses on her head... while she is inside... at work?! (Sorry, pet peeve of mine...) I get it, she's very Cher. She's supposed to need a little self-improvement. And for a brief, brief moment, I liked her.

The moment in question was when she was texting all her friends when she was sick, musing that maybe she didn't have any 'real' friends. I feel ya, girlfran. That was deep. And depressing. And I wanted to give her a hug. But moments later, she was back to her annoying antics.

Second – and I love John Cho – but not like this. Cho's character just doesn't seem like a good fit. Maybe I'm too attached to the cool guy friend he's usually cast as. Maybe this is against type. Seeing him smile and let loose in the final scene was so refreshing because it finally felt like.... him. This buttoned up version is not the one I love.

And third... WTF is up with all the rhyming? I know it is based on My Fair Lady, known for it's 'the rain in Spain' or whatever rhyme, but still. Is that necessary? Is it going to continue? Please, say no.

Verdict is... I may hate-watch a few more episodes and wait for the cancellation.

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