Pilot Review: 'Red Band Society' on Fox

After watching the pilot on demand, Red Band Society has definitely earned a spot on my DVR list this fall.

When I heard that Dave Annable and Octavia Spencers were the stars of this "young soap," I was skeptical. Is this about the kids or the adults? But after watching the pilot, I think the two are in the episode just enough. (Okay, lie. It needs more Annable, looking particularly salt-and-pepper sexy.)

In fact, Spencer may be my new uptight idol (Dr. Bailey on Grey's has gone to soft). At one point, she interrupts a eager nurse with, "Don't use 'like' like that." Preach, sister.

The cast of kids is great, too – and kudos for the choice to introduce the characters one at a time in the pilot. That could have been cheesy, but really worked with a large cast. There's some possible love triangles going on. Some father-son drama. And I'm particularly intrigued by Dash – bets on Spencer being his mom!?

That is what's most promising about this pilot – there are so many storytelling possibilities. Most pilots end with one cliffhanger, or introduce one big story. And this one planted seeds for many.

The Daily Beast compares RBS to Glee, which I actually think is a disservice. RBS is really more like Parenthood, in my opinion. Big cast. Mix of humor and heartbreak. I laughed. I cried.

Okay, I cried twice.

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