'Galavant' on ABC

Admittedly, super excited for Galavant to premiere on ABC. When it was announced earlier this year, I said:
This is being described as The Princess Bride with music. Which sounds AWESOME. Looks hilarious. Trailer reminds me of Robin Hood: Men in Tights.
But what is puzzling to me, is that in the latest promos I have been seeing on ABC, they tease it as a "4-week event." Soooooo is it a mini series? Or an actual, regular show?

I had never heard it plugged as a mini series (or, as they're calling them these days, a 'limited series,' or an 'event'), though I do think that makes more sense for this concept. Seems like, at the rate that TV shows are being cancelled, almost every series should be called a mini series. Sigh.

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