Where 'The Getaway' is going in Season 2

If you've talked to me about television, travel and/or Anthony Bourdain, it's more than likely that the show The Getaway has come up. It combines most of what I love – food, drink, travel and celebrities.  I'm sort of obsessed. In fact, I have the first season on my DVR and refuse to delete it in case one of my curious friends ever wants to watch it. (And if you're wondering – Joel McHale in Belfast is my favorite of the first season episodes, naturally.)

Anywho... the second season starts October 15th on Esquire Network and the lineup of celebs and locations is insane. EW announced: Chrissy Teigen in Bangkok, Adam Pally in Las Vegas, Jack McBrayer in Hawaii, Kyle MacLachlan in Napa, David Koechner in Dublin. Here's a sneak peek:
And just to give them a plug, I adore the Esquire Network. The design, the programming, the brand they've developed. Shows like Knife Fight, Best Bars in America, Brew Dogs are all in constant rotation on my DVR.


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