True Blood finale!

Poor Bon Temps. Those people can't catch a break. Now that they are all saved from MaryAnn (thank you Sam for dying, then coming back to life, turning into a bull and stabbing that crazy bia), they are struggling to remember what happened in their blackout state. We will have a lot to deal with when we meet back up with them next summer- with Tara mourning the loss of Eggs, Jason and Andy trying to cover up what really happened to him, Jessica going all vampire-crazy after Hoyt breaks her heart, and porr Sookie looking for her recent fiance-wh-doesn't-know-it-yet Bill (please tell me Eric didn't take him!).

Yes, True Blood's finale was sort of a downer, but it had its comedic moments as well. Here are some quotes from our favorite Louisianians...

"I'm a waitress, what the fuck are you?"
-Sookie to MaryAnn

"I heard about your maker. That blows."
-Sophie to Eric

"Love the smell of nail polish in the morning."
-Jason trying to save his town Rambo-style

"Worship him, bitches"
-Lafayette to all his zombie-eyed friends

"You might have your faults Andy, but at least you got pants on."
-the other cop to Andy, in the aftermath of MaryAnn's death

"Best to stick with Mountain Dew."
-Sam to the women who think the blackout was caused by aliens/LSD/the liberal media/vodka...

"If a tree falls in the woods its still a tree aint it."
-Jason to Andy. I might start a list of Jason-isms.

Thank you, good people of Bon Temps for giving us twelve weeks of excitement. See you next year!

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