oh yes, it's LADIES night

Who thinks the women of DWTS did considerably better than the guys? Here is how I ranked our lovely ladies...

8. Kathy and Tony: She has pretty hair, but can't dance. And Tony is uber-annoying.
7. Macy and Jonathon: It didn't suck! I was really expecting a train wreck and it wasn't that bad. Plus, she taught us an important lesson- you will get bleeped for saying 'popped my cherry' on broadcast television.
6. Melissa and Mark: Dancing wasn't great, but at least she smiled. I kept calling her Sabrina the whole time (a. because she is a Teenage Witch, and b. because MArk danced with Sabrina Bryan. Confusing).
5. Joanna and Derek: I want to not like her, but she is good. The salsa was by far the best, but I do have some beef with the choreography- you didn't use the floor at all Derek! Move around next time!
4. Natalie and Alec: Nat has room for improvement, which is good (no one ever likes the people that are amazing the first night).
3. Kelly and Louis: Very smooth routine. She was the surprise of the night for sure.
2. Mya and Dimitri: They are good, duh. And Dimitri is hot (I shall call him mini Maks).
1. Debi and Maks: Were they the best? No. But she has potential. And she is funny. And he is gorgeous.

So there you have it. I already ranked the guys, but I don't think there is any way I could merge the two lists together. Sixteen couples is way too many- good thing two are getting kicked off tonight.

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