Will Greek ever win an Emmy for its writing?

No, probably not. But it should! Here are my favorite quotes from Monday's episode of the funniest 'teen' show on television:
"Are we having a garage sale for the Lord?"
-Rusty to Dale when he sees his roommate packing up all his religious paraphernalia

"Your closet is huge. You could fit a person in there!"
-Whitney, Grant's 'girlfriend' to him and his gay boyfriend Calvin

"Geez Ash, if you vibe on that guy any harder you're going to get pregnant."
-Casey to the desperately single Ashley

"Awkward like that?"
-Ashley to Casey after her less then clever response to ex Cappie

"That's weird, my Nana usually sends me money for my birthday"
-Rusty as he opens his male at Kappa Tau (anyone who has lived in a sorority/fraternity house knows the feeling)

"I come from a long line of seaman.. That came out wrong."
-Rusty trying to explain his 'Anchor' nickname

"Live long and prospect."
-Casey, trying to quote Star Trek. Good effort.

(singing) "And that star will be called Rusty."
-Rusty, being adorable

"No one uses embossed wrapping paper unless they want to get in someones pants."
-Rebecca to Calvin, revealing his true feelings for Grant

"Karaoke, that's a fun word to say.", "It's like a furnace.", "Did you ever notice how many cats are in this house?", "She may be afraid of trees but when push comes to shove, she doesn't let you drink the shampoo. No matter how good it smells."
-and pretty much every other thing Casey and Evan said while they were high

Yes, Casey and Evan got high. And, tell me again, why is this show categorized as a teen show?

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Anonymous said...

Greek stays a teen show but a SMART teen show, with pop culture references, characters well-written, strong acting, funny and witty one-liners..emmy-worthy i don't know (Veronica Mars was superior and it had never been nominated) but it is maybe the best tv show in the teen soap genre right now.


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