Earth to Eric

Finally caught this week's True Blood. It was a pretty good episode- I can't give it an A+ unless I see Jason and/or Eric without a shirt though...

And speaking of Jason, can I just say that I am so so happy he is back to normal and free from the crazies at the Fellowship of the sun?! And him and Andy teaming up to save Bon Temps is just adorable. Love me some Jason Stackhouse.

How about the standout ladies of the episode? Poor Jessica loses her bf Hoyt just because she attacks his mother? Come on Hoyt, she is a vampire after all. And who loves Queen Sophie? I do! I do! I was expecting someone dark, mysterious, evil, but instead we get this snotty, rich girl ala Gossip Girl. And her 'day' room is the sh!t.

I do have to complain, however, that there wasn't nearly enough Eric-sexiness featured this week. I think he should be in every other scene (the others, of course, would be Jason's). Alexander Skarsgard is the new 'it' guy, and this Swede totally deserves it. Did you know that in the Viking scene where we first met Godric, it was Skarsgard who translated all the Swedish? He says they could've been saying whatever they wanted and no one behind the camera would have had a clue. And fun fact- he doesn't like being pasty white all the time. He says the first thing he did after this season wrapped was hit the beach for a tan. My kind of guy.

But here is the best thing about my Swedish lover. Are you aware that his first U.S. role was on Zoolander? I just assumed it was as some male model friend of Hansel's or soemthing but no. Earth to me, he was one of those guys. Yes, the one's who died in the gasoline fight after sipping Orange Mocha Frappacino's and jamming out to 'Wake Me Up Before You Go Go.' Don't believe me? Take a look at this scene... Yep, that tall blonde guy is our beloved Eric.

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