Best. Emmys. Ever.

This year's broadcast was, hands down, the best awards show I have ever seen. From the opening number, to NPH's final send off, I was completely entertained and smiling ear to ear. Only problem was, because everything was so great- it made it very difficult for me to gather my thoughts, or even choose my favorite moments. But, here they are-
The top TEN things about Emmys 2009. 

Neil Patrick Harris
If you enjoyed the broadcast this year, you can thank NPH. Not only did he host, but he was the producer as well. He has said he wanted to be more involved creatively; he wanted to be on stage more often; we wanted to guide viewers through the show. He did it, and did an amazing job. You know what I think? NPH should host everything. And I'm not the only one. Past awards show hosts Jeff Probst, Ricky Gervais, and John Stewart ALL gave him props. So there. 

Black, square-framed, nerd glasses. 
Simon Baker, Justin Timberlake, Dana Delaney... everyone was wearing them. 

A sense of 'community'
Glenn Close was the one you said it- what a privilege it was to be part of this 'community,' and you could feel the sentiment all night. It didn't feel like a competition, it felt like a celebration of all things television. 

Oscar's opening number wins an Emmy
"The first opening number written for a wolverine" was amazing at this year's Oscars. Don't remember it? Imagine Hugh Jackman and surprise guest Anne Hathaway singing and dancing as they talk about the year in movies. 

Dr.Horrible's interruption
Horrible? No, hilarious.

Michael Emerson
I have been waiting patiently for Mr. Emerson to get the props he deserves for playing the uber-creppy, uber-manipulative Benjamin Linus on Lost. What he does on that show is seriously intense

Loved them (especially the Variety one). I want to download them and watch them over and over!

PC-guy voiceovers
NPH had told Ellen DeGeneres last week that he did not want those lame voiceovers when people won (ie "This is their second nomination and first win..."). His remedy? Get the PC guy (from the Mac commercials) to say silly, and often false, things about the winners as they approached the stage. Was it funny? Aw, hell yeah. It certainly helped that the Mac-guy was in the audience (Justin Long is Drew Barrymore's sometime boy toy). 

Kristin Chenoweth
I am about to tell you something that makes me look insane, but it is completely true. When they announced Kristin, I jumped up off my couch and screamed "yes, yes, yes!" while jumping up and down in my living room. I had goosebumps. I was tearing up before she even got on stage. 

In case you don't know who this girl is, let me help you out. Chenoweth earned her Emmy playing the absolutley lovely Olive on the best show that no longer exists- Pushing Daisies. The first season was cut short by the Writer's Strike, and it failed to gain momentum for its second season. Imagine the crime-fighting group of Ned (a piemaker), Olive (a waitress at The Pie Hole restaurant), PI Emerson Cod, and Ned's childhood sweetheart Chuck. Oh, and Ned can touch people to bring them back to life. Oh, and one of those 'dead' people is Chuck. Throw in an amazing narrator, bright colors, synchronized swimming, and occasional musical numbers performed by the beautiful Chenoweth, and you have the most magical, the most beautiful hour of television I have ever seen. 

Obviously, to say I have strong feelings about this show is an understatement. And to see Kristin on that stage that was amazing. I wish I could use Ned's magical gift to help Daisies rise from the dead. :(

Okay, this is my way of fitting in more than ten best things...
"I love reality TV. News? Not so much."
"Here's hoping Kanye likes 30 Rock."
-first of many Kanye jokes made
"I'd trade this to look like him."
-Alec Baldwin to Rob Lowe after winning for Best Actor in a Comedy for 30 Rock
"I feel like Cinda-fella."
-Bryan Cranston after winning for Best Actor in a Drama for Breaking Bad
"What an incredible year. The election and then this."
-Matt Weiner after Mad Men's Best Drama win
"In this room, I'm considered above average!"
-Ricky Gervias, talking about the difference between the Oscars and the Emmys
"I'm unemployed now, so I'd like to be on Mad Men. I also like The Office and 24."
-Kristin Chenoweth, accepting her Best Supporting Actress in a Comedy award for Pushing Daisies

Let's hope the rest of the awards' season goes this well!

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