the freakiest show on TV is back.

Fringe begins its second season this Thursday on Fox, and it is one of the most anticipated returns this fall (judging by this hot EW cover at least). The series struggled a bit in the beginning, but by the end of the season it was averaging 8.8 million viewers a week. Now, that’s nothing compared to fellow freshman series The Mentalist, which averaged 16.3 million- and even beat out ratings monster CSI some weeks (!). However, my favorite Fringers did win over a popular crowd—it was the number one show in the 18-49 year old demo. And the show gained a HUGE following after their mind-blowing season finale- Spock?! World Trade Center?! Peter is dead?!- and they are hoping all the newbies will boost their ratings this fall.

In case you don’t watch, picture this- an equal parts scifi/procedural crime drama/comedy about an FBI agent (Olivia), a crazy scientist with memory loss issues and a love of slurpies (Walter), and his son (Peter aka Pacey aka Joshua Jackson) investigating freaky-deaky attacks by ‘the Pattern’. They are assisted by the coolest FBI agents around- Broyles and Charlie Francis, lab geek Aster, and a cow. The probable villain? Technology tycoon Massive Dynamics- ran by Robot-armed Nina and Walters old pal William Bell (aka Spock).

Confused? That is normal. JJ Abrams says his ambition with Fringe was to create "a show about relatable characters and sober human truths that could also inspire, like, an absolutely insane drunk-in-a-college-dorm-room conversation about seriously crazy shit."

Done, and done.

This season will be stellar, promising "bigger answers than you ever got before" as episodes unfold. Already on the radar? The return on William Bell in the October 8th episode, a new bad guy from ‘over there’, and more on the Observers, Broyles, and possibly Dr.Jones (who we last saw being cut in half trying to cross over to the alternate reality).

Another popular fan theory? Perhaps the Walter from the other side will be making his way over to our world to find his kidnapped son. Wouldn’t you be a bit peeved if your alt-reality self came over and took your kid because his died? Yep, that’s what I thought.


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Yes, of course! My email is daniellehohmeier@gmail.com

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