the MEN take the floor...

Tonight was the first of a three-night premiere of DWTS (exhausting). All the guys danced tonight, girls will dance tomorrow, and then there will be an elimination Wednesday (I think that is how its working...). 

Forget the judges scores.. Here is how I rank the men of DWTS:

8. Donny and Kim: Yes, he was really good. But I don't want him to win. People will vote for him even if he just sits in the middle of the floor the whole time. 
7. Michael and the new Anna: He is not a great dancer, and she is new. They are going to have to rely solely on his personality. 
6. Mark and Lacey: He was probably the smoothest dancer, but I hate Lacey. And I don't know him. 
5. Aaron and Karina: They flirted a lot, which is weird considering the circumstances (Karina and Maks just called off their engagement last week), and I'm pretty sure Karina wore those pants last night on the Emmys, but the dancing was not bad at all. 
4. Ashley and Edyta: No clue who he is and seems like he has zero personality... but I love love love Edyta and would like to see her go far. Hope he starts dancing better!
3. Chuck and Anna: He is like my Ty Murray this season. He really sucks, but I want him to get better so badly!
2. Tom and Cheryl: I never thought I would rank him so high, but that was so entertaining! He wears polos to practice, tucks his shirts into sweatpants, and hikes said sweatpants up past his belly button. It is like watching my Dad try to dance!
1. Louie and Vito: He. is. ADORABLE. Can they date please? I do not care if he looks like 'a little dancing hobbit' (per Bruno), or if his hair is too long for ballroom (per Len), I love him. 
Cutie pie, right?!

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