MTV VMA Sunday = most dramatic night of television. EVER.

If you were on Twitter or Facebook last night, you probably noticed these trending topics-
Kanye West
Taylor Swift
Lady Gaga
Rhythm City

Yes, MTV was dominating the social networks last night with everybody talking about the drama at the VMAs and on ABDC.

1. Kanye West/Taylor Swift
Taylor wins for best female video, beating out HUGE contenders like Beyonce and Lady Gaga. As she is accepting her award, Kanye comes up and stage and takes the mic (I'm pretty sure he did say 'Excuse me' if that counts for anything), and said that Beyonce had one of the best videos of all time and deserved to win. Chaos ensued.
But let's be honest people. Wasn't he right? Beyonce's Single Ladies video was a cultural phenomenon. I guarantee you will see people in black leotards on Halloween. I bet someone you know knows at least part of the Single Ladies dance. And who hasn't seen the SNL spoof with Andy and JT?! It was pretty much one of their biggest skits of the year!

And who has seen this Taylor Swift video?

Blame it on MTV for not showing enough videos, but whatev. Kanye is nuts, and a douche, true. But he is also a genius. 'He talks like this cuz he can back it up.'

2. Lady Gaga
She showed up in a mask and neck brace, kissed Kermit the Frog, and had a really weird performance with blood involved. She is insane. That pretty much sums it up.
3. Pink/Shakira
Picture this. It is the VMA pre-show. Sway is interviewing Shakira. She is wearing a black and silver dress. Commercial break. Now, Pink is arriving on a firetruck (cool?). And she is wearing... GASP! The same dress.
4. Rhythm City
I might have to stop watching ABDC. Last night, with just four crews left, the bottom two happened to be the two best- Massive Monkees and Rhythm City.

For the VMA challenge, Monkees did a decent performance to *NSync's Tearin Up My Heart, complete with their usual awesome stunts. Shane loved it. JC said it was a great performance, but also noted that one of the guys was behind in the choreography (even I noticed this, it was that bad).
Then, Rhythm City performs to Chris Brown. Another decent performance. Shane does not like it. He says they aren't 'bringing' it, but does show a clip of the stunt they did that he liked. JC loves it. Like really loves it. And then he calls out Shane.

Let me note that I usually hate JC and love Shane, but in this case, I was totally team JC.

JC pretty much says that Shane only likes crews if they can do stunts, but this is a show about choreography, about dancing. And in that regard, Rhythm City killed it. Shane responds, saying that ABDC is about battling to be the best; about saying 'Massive Monkees and what they just did is whack.' JC interrupts and says, "I disagree. I think this show is about entertaining the audience."
All the while, Lil Mama is keeping it cool, smiling and clapping in the middle of the two judges; Mario is on stage trying to intervene and go to a commercial break; and Rhythm City is just standing on stage hoping that JC just saved them.

But they still got kicked off. Bologna.
Take a look-see for yourself and watch these two videos. The first is of Massive Monkees, the second is Rhythm City, and the 'disagreement' that followed.

So what do YOU think of all the drama on MTV last night? I bet you love Taylor Swift and think we should boycott Kanye, right? No thanks.

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