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Last night's 90-minute premiere of The Ruins (probably the longest Challenge episode on MTV ever) provided me with a ton of juicy drama. We already had our first fight (although it was nothing compared to Adam and CT last season- scariest five minutes of television I have ever seen), drunken mess (Tonya), and relationship drama (see below). Oh yeah, and Chet and Diem went home (sorry Challenger girls, you lost your leader in the first week).

love triangles... or pentagons?
Usually with these things, you have your fair share of past hook-ups/legitimate relationships reunited, but this time it is out of control. For all you Cohutta's out there, we will go through this slowly.

Wes and Johanna met on RW: Austin and started dating, eventually getting engaged. After they broke up, Jo went on The Island and began a very public, very intimate, 'courtship' of Kenny. On that same deserted island, we saw RW: Sydney alums KellyAnne and Cohutta canoodling. Those two also met and dated on their original show. After the show, both couples broke it off (no surprises there), but the real shock came on the Reunion Special, when we learned that KellyAnne is now dating Jo's ex Wes (dun dun dunnnn).

And now they are all in Thailand for The Ruins. In one house. And some of them, on the same team. Oh, the drama.

Tonya = one hot mess
So Tonya has always been a little on the crazy side, but this season, it's out of control. The veteran even admitted that maybe she was a little 'unstable' (um, ya think?). I think that moving back to your hometown of Walla Walla, Washington, after seperating with your husband, probably isn't the best time to go on a Challenge.

You do, however, get to see that these people do (sort of) care about each other (even Ev was just joking/drunk when she was making the 'Walla Walla wombat' comments... which were hilarious, by the way). You see Syrus and Adam encouraging her after her fight with Ev; the girls giving her a bowl to puke in; and Chet's convo on the stairs with her the night before the elimination was seriosuly adorable ("I don't really know you that well... but you should probably drink less"). Even Evan told MTV's Remote Control Blog, that they are Tonya's 'family,' and he was glad she was there with them during that time of her life. Isn't he sweet?!

Wes and KellyAnne are the new Speidi
So maybe more people watch The Hills (and I'm a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here), but I think Wes and KellyAnne will be the new most hated MTV couple. I mean, people already didn't like them individually, and when they started dating, many said it was just Wes' revenge on Jo's public 'relationship' with Kenny. But then they come to Thailand and make it so much worse.

Wes makes is own 'apartment' in the basement of the house? Says he will throw missions til he gets his way/all the power? Come on, Wes. Maybe this strategy would work on a regular Challenge when you had rookies on your team- but these people are the Champions. They are almost all bigger, stronger, meaner, and most definitely, smarter than you.

And then we get into the Darrell and Wes fight (um hi, Darrell is a boxer and could kill you)- seeing KellyAnne hold people back and hearing Wes say, "My girl says I can go, so let me go," was seriosuly disgusting.

off the show drama
We all know these kids are friends outside of the Challenges (trust me, I follow them on Twitter. Last week, Evan went to the movies with Emilee and Dereck from RW: Cancun), and, as much as they try not too, they always bring outside drama to the show with them. Some of the scoop we got last night:
-As if the relationship drama wasn't enough, Evan doesn't trust Wes because he repeatedly denied he was coming on the Challenge, only to show up in Thailand anyway.
-Dunbar and his g/f broke it off and him and Kim tried dating, but there was 'no spark.'
-And the biggest shocker no one is going to explain for us? Adam and KellyAnne hooked up by 'accident'?! wtf.

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