@morsz the ruins could've easily been written by sophocles

I'm not sure if this tweet is talking about MTV's The Ruins, but based on last night's episode, it is very likely. It was EPIC. Johnny tells us on the Aftershow that even if you win these challenges, you need the money to pay for therapy. Sadly, I believe him.

"I think I popped my f-ing implant"- Shauvon
The MXC-type challenge of swinging around a fence into a wall turned out to be pretty easy- and boring. Good thing Shauvon popped her implant and made it more exciting! After Shauvon is whisked away by ambulance, the Champions win (duh). Turns out, she did not bust her implant, but has some serious bruising on her chest and stomach and has to take all these pills and be on bed rest and... You gotta hand it to those MTV editors- that whole sequence of Shauvon explaining her injury back at the house was brilliant!

On the Aftershow, they aired some unseen footage from the challenge of Kenny calling Dunbar 'Dummy Bear' and saying he could be in a gay men's magazine. That obviously didn't go over well with Dunbar, who proceeded to scream in Kenny's face. At least you know Wes isn't the only one having hissy fits...

"I need a drink... It's about to be World War III in here" -Syrus
Let's see, in this episode we had Wes being called a psychopath (by Johanna) and a maniac (by Susie), as well as heard Johnny threaten to 'light up every freckle on his face.' Wes has some serious anger issues with the people in the house- specifically his own team. Wait til next week when he realizes they have no intention of pulling names out of a hat.. uh oh.

Oh, and on the Aftershow he called Kenny fat. And smelly. And a loser who sleeps on Batman sheets at his parents house. (Newsflash Wes: I do not care. Kenny is also smokin' hot).

Wes better start playing nice though, because at the end of the episode, Johanna dropped quite the bombshell. Turns out her name is the sole name on the deed to the once engaged couple's house, and Johanna threatens to sell it and keep all the money if Wes keeps throwing challenges. Damn girl! Well played.

"I've got to take my stake in Real World/Road Rules history" -Nick
So our players in the Ruins are Nick and Wes (duh), and bff's KellyAnne and Ev (obviously that decision did not go over well, see below). They were calling this battle 'epic', but I'm not so sure. The only thing really epic about it was the sudden downpour, and even that stopped by the time the girls battled it out. And, no offense, but did Nick really think he would beat Wes? I sort of felt bad for him, because that was a pretty pathetic showing. Poor Nick.

"Put the visor aside" -Ev
Here is an example of a good strategy gone bad. The Challengers and Champions all want insane KellyAnne (um, hi, did you hear her psycho laugh at the end? And what is this rumor about her being on steroids?) to go home, and all know Ev can beat her (and pretty much every other girl... and some guys too). So they send them in against each other. Whoops.

I guess these two formed some bond on The Island and are now BFFs, which leaves one very, very angry Evelyn. Ironically, she believes the person that 'betrays' her is Johnny. Back on The Island, Ev 'sold her soul to the devil' (her words, not mine) and helped Johnny, Evan, and Kenny win, shattering their alliance with Paula. She may call these guys 'horrific human beings,' but hey, karma's a bitch. Somewhere out there, Paula Walnuts is laughing.

Now Ev has a decision to make. Send her friend packing and join a team that 'betrayed' her? Or go against her competitive nature and let KellyAnne win? Believe it or not, she really does 'put the visor aside' (is her visor a metaphor for her competitive edge or something?) and purposely loses the battle. On the Aftershow, she calls throwing it the hardest thing she has ever had to do (wow, rough life), especially since she would have dominated the competition (humble much?).

At least we were reminded how much TJ hates quitters.

Not only did we get one awesome hour of drama, but we got an extra half hour with the Aftershow too, which posed some great questions-
Is Johnny really a genuine guy? Maybe. He was actually super nice, or at least honest, to Wes, KellyAnne, even Ev.
Do KellyAnne and Ev use 'Mane 'n Tail' to get their hair that thick? Quite possibly. Or maybe they are both on steroids.
Is Mark the best host ever? Yes.
And finally, are these challenges more like Monopoly, Clue, or Sorry? Answer unknown.


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