some thoughts on DWTS 10/19

1. When will this get cut down to one hour? Dragging it out to take up two hours of my night is ridiculous.

2. Maybe I was premature on saying the paso is my favorite dance. I forgot how much I loved the Argentine Tango!

3. I'll admit, Aaron was a lot better this week in his tango. He actually looked masculine and normal. But then at the end during the group hustle he looked weird again. Guys are supposed to be sexy when they dance! Aaron? Not so much...

4. Did Anna (Michael's partner) dye her hair dark? I could have sworn she was blonde...

5. Who knew Donny could be so serious; so masculine!? Well done, Osmnond.

6. I still love Louie. How is it possible that the youngest, shortest guy on the show is also one of the sexiest when he dances?! Love, love, love him.

7. Joanna should dump Derek and stick with Maks. They just look better together. His height and masculinity match her better than little, wimpy Derek.

8. The group dance? Eg.

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