Louie's out, OTH and Greek are in

Looks like I can finally stop watching Dancing With the Stars this season. My love, Louie Vito, was kicked off last night in a double elimination. Did he deserve to go? Probably. But now there isn't really anyone left I care about watching. Sorry, kids.
Now I can move on to more important Monday night happpenings, like Greek and One Tree Hill!
Last week on Greek, we got what we loyal fans have been waiting for for ? seasons- Cappie and Casey finally together! What could we possibly look forward to now? A musical number is coming next week, and one of the boys is going to rap.

And OTH finally ended its baby-momma-drama, when Dan outted Renee on his talk show. Next week, the boys go camping, the girls bond, and Quinn and Clay get closer. Oh yeah, and we finally get to find out more about Dan and Rachel's 'relationship.'

At last, my monday night belongs to the scripted series again!

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