all Husbands/BFs: watch and learn from Sunday night TV

The men of my Sunday night line up totally blew me away last night! Tom on Depserate Housewives, Robert on Brothers and Sisters, and then Don on Mad Men aren't always the best husbands, but last night, they might have been every woman's dream.

Tom Scavo:
Tom and Lynette hired Lauren (I know that is not his name on the show, but he will always be the general store clerk from Dr. Quinn to me) as a handyman to help out around the house. Looks like Lauren is living back in the stone age, because he would only listen to what Tom, the 'man of the house' had to say (which, if you know Lynette, was NOT going to work). When she confronts him about this, he tells her that he isn't going to 'crush Tom's walnuts' like Lynette does (oh, burn).

Even though Tom likes Lauren, and you know that the guy is right- Lynette is pretty tough on her husband- Tom goes across the street (on his own accord, mind you) to talk to the fired handyman. He tells him about Lynette's childhood- growing up without a dad and a drunk for a mom- and her need to control every thing in her life. God knows there is a lot she can't control- her cancer, her finances, her kids, her sex drive (I mean, she is pregnant again!)- but he says, "There is one thing she can control.... Me. If I let her."

So Tom lets her boss him around because he loves her. All you men out there, take note.

Robert McAllister:
Robert has been a less than stellar hubby in the past, but this season, in light of Kitty's cancer diagnosis, he has been amazing! Last night totally topped it off, inviting his wife to go debate with Senators at an event at the Reagan Library. Seeing how happy Kitty gets, you know that this gesture alone would ahve been enough to earn him Hubsband of the Year.

But, when they step on to the roof, she does not find a big event, but instead an intimate dinner for two to celebrate a successful first chemo treatment. And then just as she admits she doesn't want to be treated differently because she has cancer, white fireworks light up the sky (just like in her meditation/healing book she had been reading earlier).

Robert, you are the bomb.

Don Draper:
Or should I say Dick Whitman? I honestly NEVER thought I would see this day. I mean, I never thought Betty would find out, and then when she did, I assumed she would never confront him. But when she confronted her husband about his sordid past last night... whoa, what a show.

It starts when he stands in his office and realizes she knows the truth. His hand that grips the keys to his past (literally) loosens its grip, and he doesn't even flinch as Betty takes them away and opens the drawer. The action moved to the kitchen, where we see a frazzled Don standing over the sink, reaching for a cigarette. The usually calm, cool, and collected leading man has never been shown so shaken. When she asks if he is looking towards the door, he responds simply, "I'm not going anywhere."

Finally, the scene in the bedroom, when he admits his whole past, is seriously breathtaking. I don't think I blinked for the whole converstaion. I thought he would maybe tell her a simple version; only reveal what he had to. But no, he tells the whole truth and nothing but the truth. Being born to a prostitute who died in child birth; being raised by Archie and his wife, and then later after his father died, Mac; going to Korea and taking Draper's identity because it was easier than starting over; divorcing Don's wife and buying her a house; he even admits to visiting her while he was in California!

And when she asks him about Adam, the little boy from the pictures, (ugh Jon Hamm you deserve all the acting awards they can possibly give you!) he breaks down, admitting that his brother came to him and just wanted to be in his life and he turned him away. He turned him away because he didn't want to 'risk all this.'

It is a known fact that I hate Betty and love Don. Even though she mostly acts like a seven year old, I really hope she takes this as a gesture of love and doesn't dangle it over his head forever. AND I hope Don doesn't take back up with that psycho school teacher. She is getting too googly-eyed at him anyway.

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Anonymous said...

Personally I don't know how Tom says Lynette controls him with a straight face. Sure he rolls with it when it's something like window boxes or bird houses because let's face it-he doesn't give a rat's rear end. If it was something he really wanted he'd pout at Lynette until he guilted her into caving and he got his way.

He's so controled he goes to college like he wanted to, opened the pizzeria he wanted to open, played in the garage band he wanted to play in, had the large family he wanted and got the wife to stay home and raise them for several years. Frankly I've never seen a supposedly henpecked husband get so much or such a supposed shrew of a wife rearrange her desires around her supposedly bullied husband so often. Sorry, Ray was way out of line, he doesn't know enough about what Lynette has given Tom in the past to make the judgement he made.


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