GLEE's music hitting the charts

Are you one of those people not watching Glee? Think it is too High School Musical for you?

Well, you are absolutley nuts. This show is amazing. Yes, the characters are stereotypical and sometimes the story is a little crazy (a middle-aged woman comes back to high school to be in glee club? a fake pregnancy and plot to steal a cheerleaders baby?), but even still, you should watch for the musical numbers alone!

Last spring's premiere featured a rendition of Journey's 'Don't Stop Believin' that made it all the way to number one on iTunes 'most downloaded' list. So far this season, two more have hit the charts- 'Take A Bow' peaked at number six, and last Wednesday's 'Somebody to Love' made it into the top 20 by Thursday morning (Not only is Glee, like, my favorite new show, but 'Somebody to Love' is, like, my favorite song).

Tonight, the boys will sing Bon Jovi. Will you download it? Or wait to buy the first soundtrack on November 3rd?

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