Goodbye April, we barely knew you.

I'll admit, I'm a little behind on my Thursday night shows (Plea to the networks: Move some shows- like Fringe- to Tuesdays!) and just watched last week's Grey's Anatomy

For me, Grey's has always been a guilty pleasure. I am one of the few fans who kept watching thru all the will-they-won't-they Meredith and Derek drama, the strange Izzy and George tequila-driven sexcapades, and the Denny-as-a-ghost plot line. I have never really loved the show, but liked it enough to keep watching. 

One of my biggest gripes about Grey's (besides a heated disdain for Katherine Heigl) is that the episodes can sort of drag. Yes, they have their BIG moments, but there is always some point in the middle of the episode when I check the clock. Last week's whodunnit installment however? Didn't look at the time once. 

Here's the rundown: 
The was a big hotel (or apartment?) fire and the hospital was packed with victims. A woman comes in with burns on her chest and side, accompanied by her 'at least 5 year old' son (as Cristina put it, and she was right, he was no toddler). She pretty much got passed around to every single doctor at the hospital. Everyone at some point checked her chart, gave her medicine, chest tubes, vitals, etc. But everyone was a little distracted. Everyone had somewhere else to be. No one claimed her as their own. Even when Derek asked them to call time of death. 

In the end, newbie April got the ax because she failed to check the woman's throat. But Derek was right when he gave the Chief his 'second opinion.' 

"Maybe it wasn't one doctor, maybe it was too many doctors," he told the Chief. His hospital, ever since the merger, has been utter chaos. So, basically, the one doctor that didn't touch the patient is really the one who is responsible here. 

The episode can only be described as intense. I seriously found myself holding my breath. It moved quickly. You were at the edge of your seat waiting to see what happened to the patient, and why it happened. I will admit that this super sleuth knew all along that April not checking the throat was probably the cause, but still I was hooked. 

So, Grey's Anatomy, I tip my hat to you. I thought you might lose me in the Mercy West merger, but seeing the new group thru the window as April exited the hospital felt like I was watching Grey's Anatomy: The New Class. And I still like it. 


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