grief turns to paranoia on Grey's

Last week's two hour, grief-stricken, Grey's Anatomy premiere was bit much for me (it only took me 14 minutes to start crying, btw), so last night's paranoia-filled installment was a welcome change.

Once again proves that she is one of the only doctors in Seattle who can work under pressure. Why does she have to be the one to keep reminding the doctors to stop being sad/paranoid and do their job? Oh yes, and she is Callie's girlfriend. That was cute. 

Love her when she is strong and smart; hate her when she is frantic and whiny. Her stepping up and saving the day with the (only clinically) paranoid person in the hospital was awesome. And when she was sitting on the bench crying because she didn't get cut, I'll admit, I was crying along with her. 

The usual Debbie-downer was surprisingly chipper. Wonder how she will react when (SPOILER) one of her own- Izzy- gets fired. 

Speaking of, do you think she already knows? She was bit hesitant reading her phone. 

"That's how I know I'm not going anywhere... because I can reattach baby's arms." So hot. 

I am not always a McDreamy lover, but this season he is really stepping up. We all already knew he was Chief-material, but now that the actual Chief is being sort of a coward (come on Richard!), Derek is taking charge. He stayed and comforted the people that got fired when the Chief went home. Way to go Derek. 

By far the best moment of the episode?
The end scene of all the couples playing baseball. That looked like fun :)

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