Want the good news or the bad news?

Good news first.
TV Guide reports that the following favorites of mine will get a full season:
One Tree Hill


And now, the bad news.
TV Guide also predicts that Fringe, one of my absolute, favorite shows, is in danger. Here is my plea to Fox-

PLEASE move Walter and Peter and Olivia and Broyles and that freaky bald dude back to Tuesdays where they belong. Fringe is such a brilliant show, but it can't compete with the Thursday night lineup of Grey's, The Office/30 Rock, CSI, and Supernatural. I know your Thursday night ratings are up, but the shows audience is declining. Have you forgotten that last year, when the show was on Tuesdays, you scored the highest ratings for the 18-49 year old demo of any new show on television?


1 comment:

**Natalie** said...

AGREED! Move Fringe back to Tuesday! I am absolutely in LOVE with that show, and I don't want to see something so good get cut. :(


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