I love the RUMBA

Okay, don't say I didn't warn you. I seriously love the rumba. It is, by far, my favorite latin dance. If you were lucky and got a rumba tonight, sorry, but I probably liked you more than any of those silly sambas.

Now, on with my rankings...

13. Joanna and Derek- I'm sorry, I'm just not impressed by her. She is annoying. And not that great of a dancer. And has really horrible hair extensions/wigs every week.
12. Mark and Lacey- I feel bad for not liking Mark, but he is just so boring. I kind of forget he exists.
11. Donny and Kim- Compared to his last two weeks, this was a complete trainwreck. In order to prove his sexiness, his kisses Bruno (?). I don't know if that was the way to go...
10. Aaron and Karina- Not sexy. At. All. Considering they are rumored to be more than just dance partners (barf), I expected better.
9. Chuck and Anna- I want so badly for him to get better. Hey, at least he smiled more this time!
8. Melissa and Mark- A lot more control this week, yet still fun. She is improving a little each week, but will it be enough?
7. Kelly and Louis- Poor girl. That first week must have been a fluke. This one was definitely better than her tango last week, but still doesn't live up to her first ballroom routine.
6. Michael and Anna- Considering I didn't like him at all the first week, this guy wins my vote for most improved. He can't dance at all, but he sure looks like he is having fun.
5. Debi and Maks- My early favorites are slipping. They are being too 'safe' and underwhelming. Come on, Maks!
4. Natalie and Alec- TV Guide is calling this her 'breakthrough dance', and I'll agree. Girls with skimpy outfits and good bodies usually excel at the rumba.
3. Tom and Cheryl- Seriously, what is not to love about this guy? He just danced to 'Why Can't We Be Friends?' clad in red, white, and blue, and Republican and Democrat animal logos! He is counting out loud! And he said this: "What's a little pain when you can party?"
2. Mya and Dimitri- Perfect. And Dimitri is smokin.
1. Louie and Chelsea- Puh-lease tell me these two are in love! They are so adorable. Louie, 'the dancing hobbit,' looked sexier out there than most of the other male celebs. I adore him.

I didn't even pay attention to the judges scores last night because they were so crabby and annoying (best Tom Bergeron quote of the night? "When we come back later, Len will read from his essay, 'Beethoven Is a Hack.'" haha). Who's going home? My money is on Chuck, Michael, Melissa, or Mark.

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