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Okay, okay, I haven't posted in, like, forever, and I apologize for that. Now that we have hit the holiday season (um, December, where did you come from?!), a ton of shows are gearing up for season/mid-season finales. Here are some thoughts on how far we've come and where we are going...

Desperate Housewives
A plane is crashing in Wisteria Lane. Seriously, who would want to live on this street? Fires, tornadoes, murder, suicide, you name it, they've seen it. This Sunday, for the Desperate mid-season finale, someone is going to die. And not just any someone, this someone is rumored to be on the show from season one. McClusky? Julie? Carlos? Karl? My money is on one of those four... Oh, and Katherine? She is nuts. I hope the plane hits her too.

One Tree Hill
Wow-za. The times sure are a-changin' in Tree Hill. At the end of last week's episode, the only person making good decisions was Dan (trying to dump his evil wife/ex-skanky high schooler Rachel). Nathan going to Spain? Skills moving to LA? And maybe taking Mouth with him? Haley touring with Jamie? Seriously people. The show is called One Tree Hill. Emphasis on the 'Tree Hill'! You can't all leave and stick us with just suicidal Alex, over dramatic Brooke, and coke-addict Milli.

Best. Season. Ever. I should have been posting on it all along, best seriously, it is so good, I don't even know what to say. John Lithgow is seriously dominating as Trinity (Quad-ity now that he kills four in a cycle?). Michael C Hall is brilliant as always. Even Christine, who has bugged the crap out of me all season, was great in last week's episode when we saw her breaking down to her daddy the serial killer. And the previews for these last two episodes can only be described in one word: INTENSE.

Donny won. Who cares. New season coming in March. Let's hope for better.

Love doesn't express what I feel for this show. Last week's rendition of 'Imagine' with the deaf choir made me cry (not at all joking). Here is my one question: When is everyone going to find out it is Puck's baby?! Mercedes already knows and there is NO way she could keep that secret for this long. She needs to crack so that Finn can dump Quinn and fall madly in love with Rachel (or heck, even Kurt).

And coming soon (I swear): My thoughts on Fringe, FlashForward, The Ruins, and Community.

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