getting Lost in Season 1... again

In preparation for the final season of Lost, I decided it would be a good idea to try to watch all five previous seasons before the premiere on 2/2/10. I started one week ago (why yes, that is how I spent my Thanksgiving...), and so far have made it through 16 episodes. It is seriosuly so weird to see how all my Losties were interacting way back when. Here are some thoughts:

-the chemistry between Jack and Kate in the first couple of episodes is undeniable.. but then things get angsty, fast. Once Jack finds out she is the convict, once he finds out she made out with Sawyer (more on that in a minute), he gets totally weird. And now that I hate Jack, I find him more annoying than heroic.
-Were we skeptical of Locke from the beginning? I know he is a little creepy in the first couple episodes, but I always remember liking/trusting him. Now, when I watch, I wonder why we didn't all pull the crazy card earlier.
-Jack and his Dad both use the phrase, "And that's why the Red Sox will never win the series" (leading Sawyer to realize the relation). Later on, when Jack is Ben's prisoner, he will show him a video of the Sox winning (beating my beloved Cardinals). Is he from Boston or what?

-In this first season, Locke's Helen is one of those phone sex girls (is there a name for that particular profession?), and he has been calling in to talk to her for months, but they don't really know each other. Does this line up with the relationship we know he has with Helen now? I don't think so...

-Every time I see Rose, especially when she talks about Bernard, I get so giddy for the episode when he comes back. They are so cute!

-Is Vincent the dog still around? Did he survive the time switch? I can't remember...

-Sawyer = smokin' hot.

-Sawyer + Kate = LOVE. Seriously. Every time he looks at her, my heart just breaks because I know how much he loves her. And when they kissed for the first time (ahhhh sigh) ..... She seriously needs to dump Jack in this final season.

-What ever happened to the polar bears? I feel like we haven't seen them in forever.

-Michael is evil. And no matter how hard I try, I can't like him.
-When Sayid frees Nadia from prison, he shoots a guard and then shoots himself.. hmm very Libby/Ben/Michael/Ana Lucia-ish...
-I feel like our castaways aren't freaking out enough about Rousseau and Ethan. Um, hi, there are other people on your island?! That is a big deal! HUGE deal actually. But they don't really seem to care...
-I thought we didn't get hints about Sun's pregnancy until later on, but there have already been some awkward moments on the 'baby' subject between her and Jin.
-Speaking of Sun, I always thought something would happen with her and Michael. Her saw her topless for goodness sake! Why didn't that ever develop?
That is all for now... I still have quite a bit of Season 1 left so stay tuned...

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