Love me some Bubs.

My obsession with The Sing Off may have only lasted one week, but it was a pleaseant one, filled with dreams of the sweet Bubs serenading me.... ahhh.

I obviously think the Bubs should have won (I will pretty much always pick the dreamy college boys, just FYI), but NOTA was cool too. Everyone is saying they were better 'musicians', and sure, I'll buy that. But the Bubs definitely shined brighter as performers (perhaps it was the sweaters? haha I'm a riot...).

Seriosuly though, I love the Bubs. Ben Folds was right (as he always is), they are what everyone wants college guys to be like. Plus they gave us the best celebrity collaboration of the night, singing with Nicole (she should probably ditch the Pussycat Dolls and sing with these guys all the time instead)....

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